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Norden Farm Centre for Arts


January 1996

The Arts Council of England (ACE) awards National Lottery grant for feasibility study of Norden Farm as centre for the arts.

David Hill appointed as Director to manage feasibility study.

June/July 1996

Matthews Millman McCann, Architecture for the Arts (AfTA) and Artpoint appointed to carry out feasibility study.

Artpoint recommends appointing a Principle Consulting Artist onto Design Team at concept design stage.

August 1996

Application submitted to National Arts Lottery Capital Scheme for Design Development Stage.

December 1996

Lottery application for design development successful.

Julia Manheim appointed as Principal Consulting Artist (PCA).

January to April 1997

Monthly Design Team meetings attended by architects, PCA, Artpoint, Client and other professional consultants.

March 1997

PCA and Artpoint present interim report recommending appointment of a team of artists who should be invited to attend a series of workshops with Design Team as research for preparing proposals.

April 1997

Commissioning plan and artists' brief sent to shortlist of artists.

RSA Art for Architecture Award for PCA to work with Paul Jenkins of AfTA.

May 1997

Artists' Team appointed and contracted to produce proposals - Liza Gough Daniels, Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer and Hans Peter Kuhn, with Julia Manheim as PCA.

July/August 1997

Three day-long workshops take place, dealing with Function, Fabric and Community/Landscape, attended by architects, artists, Artpoint and others relevant to each topic.

Liza Gough Daniels temporarily withdraws from project through ill health.

September 1997

Application submitted to National Arts Lottery Capital Scheme for Construction Stage.

Julia Manheim, Hans Peter Kuhn, Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer have additional workshop day together.

October 1997

The team of four artists presents design proposals to Client for a permanent collaborative sound and video piece (Deep Theatre) and for individual temporary works. All are approved in principle by Design Team and Client, although there are budget issues.

Client asks artists for a contingency proposal to bring project within budget but agrees to delay this until tenders for construction of art centre are returned.

Liza Gough Daniels re-joins project.

January 1998

Lottery application for Construction Phase is successful.

February 1998

Detailed design work on construction details, scheduling of building and commissions, and tender documents prepared.

March 1998

Julia Manheim, Hans Peter Kuhn, Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer present design proposals to Design Team and Norden Farm Board.

April 1998

Liza Gough Daniels presents proposals for three works using interior and exterior walls and hard-landscaping designs for the courtyard. All are approved in principle.

May to July 1998

Artists liaise with Design Team on design details for art works to include in tender documents.

August 1998

Tender documents sent out. They include hard landscaping proposals, and technical equipment for Deep Theatre, with a provisional sum for wall works and any other costs for commissions programme within building contract.

October 1998

Tenders returned within estimate.

November 1998

Contractor requests more detailed specifications for commissions. Level of detail which artists able to provide at this point is insufficient for precise costing.

December 1998

Artpoint drafts artists' commission contracts but issues of contractual structure and guarantees are not fully resolved. Client commissions drafting of new contract by architect in collaboration with Artpoint and specialist solicitor.

Building contract signed. Provisional sum reserved for commissioned work within contract.

January 1999

Meeting of Artists' Team with architects to finalise all design and procurement details for commissions to enable contractor and artists to anticipate cost and scheduling implications. Architects argue for most of artwork construction within building contract.

Artists undertake trials for artwork construction where necessary and present final design details to architect.

March 1999

Architect drafts pro-forma for costing by contractor.

April 1999

Quotation comes back from contractor £13,000 over budget.

Meeting with architect, Client, Artpoint, and PCA. New procurement route agreed separating out of building contract those elements which can be delivered by artists post-completion, and leaving remainder of construction work with contractor.

July 1999

Artpoint asks artists to prepare schedule and costs (within cost parameters provided) for elements of commissioned work now outside construction contract.

September 1999

Artists produce clear costing, within budget, and schedule for the elements of the programme to be delivered by them.

The artists, Client and Artpoint sign contracts.

August 2000

Building contract completed and handover to Client takes place.

Eight week post-completion period when artists complete installation of final elements of artworks.

September 2000

Commissioned work completed on schedule and to budget.

October 2000

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts official opening.

Separate private view for public art commissions.

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