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Irwell Sculpture Trail

Memorandum of Agreement


1.1This memorandum of Agreement will run for three years seven months and covers the period 25 September 1997 to 31 March 2001.
1.2This memorandum of Agreement sets out the detailed arrangements and agreement between the four partner organisations for developing ways in which they will work individually and together, to support the creation of the IrwellSculpture Trail during the next five year period.
1.3It is made pursuant to Section 1 Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970, Section III Local Government Act 1972 and to all other enabling powers.
2.1The Arts and the Environment

The arts offer the opportunity for the creative expression of thoughts and feelings about and with the environment by groups of people; they allow an effective means for public participation in the environmental change. The creative process can develop a community's response to the environment and promote educational and community development, cultural consciousness, social cohesion and spiritual well being. Environmental art can facilitate delivery of all manner of existing policy.

3.1 To develop an environmental art trail that contributes to the enjoyment, use and community identity of the Irwell Valley.
4.1 The Irwell Sculpture Trall will follow the existing route of the Irwell Valley Way being within (the boundaries of Salford City Council, Bury MetropolitanBorough Council, Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire CountyCouncil.
5.1To produce collective and individual artistic features of a high quality.
5.2 To create a unique regional tourist attraction, complimenting and linkingexisting attractions.
5.3To improve the environment throughout arts-led projects.
5.4To increase countryside access.
5.5To increase community participation in environmental improvements througharts led projects.
5.6To increase local awareness of art and the environment.
5.7To develop community links along the corridor through the arts.
6.1Over a number of years, the local authorities, have put significant time andmoney into regenerating the Irwell corridor. The Sculpture Trail continues thiscommitment.
7.1A wide range of schemes are planned which will reflect the social andenvironmental character of the Irwell Way area. These arts projects willembrace all manner of artistic practice.
8.1The Partnership will.
  • Promote the concept of an environmental art trail with statutory and voluntary bodies, the private sector and local communities;
  • seek the co-operation and partnership of local communities and users of the path;
  • secure adequate resources for implementation by raising private sector funding (by way of contributions, donations, subscriptions, legacies, grants or other lawful means) and by targeting other grant aid including the National Lottery, Government and the European Community funds;
  • implement the Irwell Sculpture Trail, subject to funding being available, through the employment of professional artists;
  • involve local people, local businesses, volunteers, schools and colleges in all aspects of developing the Trail particularly design and implementation projects;
  • prepare public relations and marketing strategies which will be coordinated with North West Arts Board, the Countryside Commission, Red Rose Forest and the North West Tourist Board.
9.1Subject to funding becoming available the Partnership will fund theappointment of an Irwell Sculpture Trail Project Officer.
9.2The Project Officer will be based in Bury.
9.3 The job description and person specification will be agreed by the Joint OfficerWorking Group.
9.4The Project Officer will be responsible to the Irwell Sculpture TrailPartnership. The Project Officer will be line managed on a day to day basis byan appropriate officer in the managing authority.
9.5The Project Officer will:
  • co-ordinate the preparation and management of the implementation of projects;
  • promote the objects and aims of The Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail;
  • service the Joint Officer Working Group and assist partners in seeking co-operation, involvement and partnership of relevant agencies and communities ties;
  • seek sponsorship and private sector funding to support environmental arts projects,
10.1The partners will co-operate to:
  • secure funds to progress the Irwell Sculpture Trail concept;
  • implement environmental arts projects on the Irwell Valley Way;
  • engage in promotions which will raise the profile and contribute to the success of the Irwell Sculpture Trail.
11.1The managing authority is hereby designated as Bury MBC.
11.2Subject to funding, the managing authority will:
  • employ the Project Officer;
  • manage the budget with support from the Project Officer;
  • through the appropriate Officer be responsible for line management of the Project Officer.
11.3The Partnership will indemnify the managing Authority against any claims, demands proceedings costs and expenses in respect of or arising out of the Project Officers contract of employment.
12.1A Joint Officer Working Group will steer the strategic direction of the Initiative, monitor progress and give guidance on targets on behalf of the Irwell Sculpture Trail Partnership.
12.2The Group will include officer representatives from each of the four local authorities, and representatives from Rossendale Groundwork Salford and Trafford and Groundwork Arts in the North West, with observer status for representatives from the Red Rose Forest, North West Arts Board and The Countryside Commission. The Group will be chaired in rotation by the four local authorities. The membership and nature of the Joint Officer Working Group will be reviewed as necessary.
12.3The Group will meet at least three times a year and receive reports from the Project Officer in a format agreed by the Group. The Group will agree and monitor on a regular basis the implementation programme.
12.4The Irwell Sculpture Trail Partnership Committee will consist of two elected members from Bury MBC, Salford CC and Rossendale BC with one member from Lancashire CC. The Committee will annually elect from its members a chair and vice-chair. The Project Officer acts as principal adviser to the Partnership Committee. The membership and nature of the Committee will be reviewed as necessary.
12.5The Group will meet at least twice a year to review the progress of the Irwell Sculpture Trail implementation and to direct the initiative on major policy and financial issues and to integrate the Irwell Sculpture Trail into all activities of the local authorities. One of these meetings will include a tour of the Trail.
12.6The Quorum for a Committee meeting shall be three members made up of one member from Bury MBC and Salford CC plus one member from either Rossendale BC or Lancashire CC.
12.7The first meeting of the Committee will receive a draft constitution and standing orders for its approval and subsequent proceedings.
13.1For the purposes of this agreement, (the definition 'exempt information' is set out in the provisions of the Local Government (Access to information) Act 1985.
13.2 Access to exempt information and data, and any other confidential documents and material obtained or produced as a result of this initiative, will be available to each of the partner organisations. Each of the partner organisations can specify instances and circumstances where this is not appropriate should they so wish. The Officer Working Group will decide which information is confidential in any cases of doubt or uncertainty. Exempt information and data, and any other confidential documents and material obtained or produced as a result of this initiative, will not be published without the agreement of the partner organisations.
13.3Access to and use of confidential information and data, and any other confidential documents and material obtained or produced as a result of this initiative will not be permitted to other organisations and individuals without the agreement of the partner organisations.
13.4Each of the partner organisations will liaise and consult with one another as each considers appropriate and necessary with regard to press and media statements and radio and TV broadcasting.
14.1Budget control for the initiative will be reviewed at each meeting of the Officer Working Group. The Partnership Committee will agree an annual budget and a forward financial projection for the remaining years of the agreed schedule of implementation.
15.1The costs of the Project Officer will be met in the first instance by the Managing Authority which will be responsible for the exercise of proper financial control and administration of funding generated externally for the whole initiative.
16.1 This Memorandum will be reviewed in July 1998 or earlier if necessary.
17.1Any person authorised by any of the partners shall be entitled at all reasonable times to examine the progress of the initiative or to inspect any relevant books, documents, records or audited accounts.
18.1Any partner may terminate their adherence to this Memorandum on giving at least six months formal notice expiring at a financial year end. In this event their agreed proportion of the costs, charges, expenses or any other debts or liabilities which have been incurred or accruing up to the date of termination will be payable up to the date of termination within the terms of this Memorandum.