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Electric Wharf

Biography: David Patten

David Patten MA(RCA) FRSA

Born: 1954



BA Hons Fine Art (First Class), Birmingham Polytechnic


MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London


Advanced Diploma in Capacities for Managing Development, Open University

David Patten has been collaborating with other artists, architects, urban designers and other design professionals on large-scale capital projects since 1990.

He has previously served on the steering/executive groups for Public Art Forum (now ixia), MADE (the architecture centre for the West Midlands), Public Art Commissions Agency, Ikon Gallery, and Art Link, and held various advisory positions with West Midlands Arts (now Arts Council England, West Midllands).

Reference from Prof. Tony Collier (extract)

David Patten has been instrumental in creating and/or facilitating a remarkable range of innovative projects. These range from extended policy studies using creative innovation to underpin town centre redevelopment, to specific and clearly focused building-based delivery programmes and collaborations.

As a practising artist, David combines a distinctive combination of research, ideas and creativity with practical management and implementation skills. His work bridges between the various disciplines necessary for successful creative development - from the early inclusion of artists in conceptual thinking and planning through detailed design and construction.