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Electric Wharf

Artist/Architect collaboration

Lead artist David Patten and architect Larry Priest of Bryant Newman Architects developed a collaborative working relationship at an early stage of the project. Based on a shared sensitivity to the Electric Wharf site and personal rapport, this collaboration and their continuing dialogue have been some of the most positive and unique aspects of the project.

Larry felt David understood 'the bigger picture' and took a holistic view of the site. Ian Harrabin regarded David as 'unique' as an artist in terms of his knowledge and experience of the building process. David had been involved with public realm projects since the 1990's, however what made the Electric Wharf project different to previous projects for him was the complementary nature of the collaboration between artist and architect, in terms of each contributing their different experience and bouncing ideas off each other.

There has been considerable investment in the design process over a long period of time. David and Larry had their initial meeting in late 2001, and last walked and talked on site in June 2005. Indeed, their working relationship continues today five years later, with a recent meeting in May 2006 to specify elements of phase three development as well as, independently, developing ideas for other public realm projects.

David Patten's text Remember What Jack Said, on this website elaborates on his role and dialogue between Larry Priest, Charlie Gallagher and others.