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Electric Wharf

Artists Brief: muf

Electric Wharf - artist team member brief

Katherine Clarke of Muf

Letter of Agreement and outline brief

Commission to join the artist project team - Electric Wharf Coventry

Start Date: November 2002

This paper confirms the appointment of artist Muf, Katherine Clarke, to join the Electric Wharf artist project team. The artist will work with this team to fulfil the brief outlined below. The full project team is listed with contact details at the end of this paper.

Each artist appointed to this team has been selected for a different reason. The reason for the appointment is referred to as a passport into the project.

 The passport

To lead on a process that addresses the social context of the area through:




Events / happenings / projects

To explore relationships both real and potential between residents, local business, artists working within Electric Wharf, the site and the future functions of Electric Wharf.

Roles and responsibilities

1. General design team role: Key contact Katherine Clarke

  • Engage with the vision for Electric Wharf and become familiar with the framework that has been developed by David Patten and Larry Priest (artist advisor and architect) for Electric Wharf.
  • Attend design team meetings as appropriate - many of these may take place via email but a regular programme of meetings is to be established.
  • Debate with the design team the areas of priority for the overall development, debate ideas developed by you and other as they are presented.
  • Agree with the design team at the earliest possible opportunity areas of priority for your work.

2. Specialist areas of activity - Key Muf artists Katherine, Ashley McCormack and Zanna

  • Work with the project team, residents and local businesses to gather information about the area and develop creative and engaging mechanisms to establish linkages and an interface between the development and the people and communities who live in the area.
  • Work with relevant parties to develop activities / workshops that contribute to the research stage of the commission.
  • Develop ideas and proposals for events / temporary projects and happenings within the site during construction that animate the present and look forward to the future. Present, costs and explore delivery mechanism for each of these project. Produce information to support fund raising to implement these events / projects.
  • Feedback research about the area and its people, into the scheme design.
  • Support the commissions manager and client in developing ideas for projects that expand awareness of the project outside the immediate area - this work will be developed with SW and Ian Harrabin and will run concurrent to the main activities outlined in 1-3.