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Surrey Hills Landscape Assessment

Fact Sheet


Surrey Hills Landscape Assessment

(Artists' Perception Project)


Stephen Plaice, poet, writer

Roger Polley, photographer

Simon Read, photographer

Sandra Stevens, poet

Ian Whittlesea, mixed media

Tommy Wolseley, mixed media

Pip Woolf, painter


The Countryside Commission, on behalf of Surrey County Council and the Arts Council of England






Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


"Workbooks" including drawings, collages, photography, writing and poetry


Contributed to 'The Surrey Hills Landscape' (Pub. Countryside Commission, 1998)

Total Project Budget

Landscape Assessment £20,000

Artists' Perception Project £10,000

Funding Sources

The Countryside Commission

The Arts Council of England

Summary Artists' Brief

To record their creative response to the Surrey Hills landscape in whatever form they feel most appropriate and to provide an additional dimension to the work undertaken by the landscape assessment team.

Project Manager

Jenifer White, Countryside Commission (now known as the Countryside Agency)

Other Professionals

Consultants for Landscape Assessment: Centre for Environmental Interpretation:-

Gill Binks, CEI; John Dyke, Department of Architecture, Landscape and 3D Design, Manchester Metropolitan University; Chris Burnett, Chris Burnett Associates; Vicki Berger, Art Project Management.

Contact For Further Information

Jenifer White, National Heritage Unit, Countryside Agency, Dacre House, 19 Dacre Street, London SW1H 0DH.

email: [email protected]

Gillian Binks, Prospect, Tel. No. 0161 445 6452,

email: [email protected]