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Partnership Agreement

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23 July 1997

Mr B C Lambert

Clerk to Teignmouth Town Council

Council Offices

Bitton House


Dear Mr Lambert


I refer to the letter from the Arts Council dated 11 June 1997 to Councillor Channon. One of the special conditions attached to the offer of the grant is that Teignbridge confirms that we will act as Project Manager and maintain contact with the Lottery Project Monitoring Department for the duration of the contract. Teignbridge is prepared to accept the obligations imposed by this special condition and I would suggest that the following terms for administering the project:

  1. We will deal with all day to day contact and correspondence with the Lottery Project Monitoring Department for the duration of the contract
  2. We will draw up and let the contracts for the project on behalf of the Teignmouth Town Council. The contract will be in the Town Council's name.
  3. We will supervise the contract on your behalf and retain 8% of the grant to go towards recovering our costs for technical design, project management and administration as identified in the Business Plan on page 12.
  4. We will pass on to you all invoices associated with the project for payment. You will pay these invoices as soon as you receive a cheque from Teignbridge to cover the sums invoiced, net of VAT. We will recover all payments made in this way from the Arts Council.
  5. The lighting system will remain the property of the Town Council.
  6. We will ensure that you are consulted and kept informed about progress on the project and we will comply with all your reasonable requirements.
  7. Both Teignbridge and the Town Council will comply with the special conditions and standard conditions referred to in the letter of 11 June 1997 from the Arts Council.

Please let me know whether these terms are acceptable to theTown Council.

Yours sincerely