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Norden Farm Centre for Arts

Biography: Heinrich and Palmer

Anna Heinrich

Born: 1965

1986 - 89 B.A. Hons. Fine Art - Cardiff Institute of Higher Education

1985 - 86 Foundation Course - Winchester School of Art

Trustee of the Aspex Visual Arts Trust, Portsmouth

Leon Palmer

Born: 1966

1986 - 89 B.A. Hons. Fine Art - Cardiff Institute of Higher Education

1985 - 86 Foundation Course - Jacob Kramer

We have worked in collaboration since 1991 on projects ranging from residencies to large-scale public installations. During this time our work has primarily dealt and intervened with interior and exterior architectural spaces. Much of our work has been site specific, made in response to the history and architecture of the space within which it is shown. We create new architectural spaces and structures that enmesh with the fabric and perspective of a site to generate dislocations within its physical, symbolic and psychological structure.

One aspect of this work has been a series of large-scale architectural projections onto the exterior facades of buildings using large format slides, high powered projectors and video projection. Our approach has been to use light and illusion as means of construction which like any other building material has its own inherent tectonic and physical properties. Our intention has been to generate a process of deconstruction within the symbolism and structure of the architecture to allow alternative meanings and histories to surface. We have also developed these concepts within interior spaces using photography, digital technologies, light and constructions. Our philosophy has been to approach every space with the understanding that each creates a specific context for interaction and the communication of ideas.

The following details are of work done in collaboration:

Selected Current Projects

Commissioned by Wolverhampton Borough Council to create a permanent large-scale public light work for the Waste to Energy Plant in Wolverhampton. 16 large scale projections onto the facades of the power station. Part of Out of Darkness project - artist designed schemes for public buildings across Wolverhampton.

Commissioned by Donegal County Council to create a public art work for the newly built Letterkenny Council Offices in Ireland. Due for completion 2002.

Invited by Southampton City Council Public Arts Unit to develop a proposal for a public light work for Southampton City Centre.

Selected Solo Events & Commissions

In the absence of light- Mixed media and light installations, Cluny Warehouse, Newcastle Upon Tyne. May 1991.

Adverse Camber­ A large scale photographic installation at the City Museum & Art Gallery, Hanley, Stoke on Trent. 9 May - 21 June 1992.

Fountainhead - A large scale projection onto the exterior wall of Hanley Library, Stoke on Trent. Commissioned by the City Museum & Art Gallery, Hanley, Stoke on Trent. 21 - 28 February 1994.

Fastbuild ­ A large scale projection installation on the facade of the Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton. Commissioned by BN1 Visual Arts Project. February 1996.

Counterlight ­ A large-scale projection event shown on the façade of the Guildhall, Southampton. Assisted by Public Arts Unit, Southampton City Council. March 1996.

Float - A large scale, site-specific projection event with video and live thermographic imaging created for three sites in the UK. Hull Time Based Arts' 1996 Film & Video Bursary Commission. October - December 1996.

Blue Manifold - installation of two large illuminated display transparencies with video projection. Public Arts Unit, Swindon Borough Council. August 1997.

Maximum Cube - An interactive installation designed in response to the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea. Commissioned by Lighthouse, for Event Coast , a series of video and multi-media commissions along the South Coast. Feb - March 2000.

Phiz - result of Year of the Artist residency at the Pathology Department of Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. Over 1,000 photographs were used to map the surface of the artists' faces using digital camera and stereoscopic microscope. These were joined to create two 12m x 1.8m transparencies set up to form a corridor through which the viewer walked. The Walks Shopping Centre, Basingstoke. June/July 2001 & Letterkenny Art Centre, Ireland April/May 2002

Collaborative Commissions

Deep Theatre - A permanent sound, light and video installation made in collaboration with the artists Julia Manheim and Hans Peter Kuhn. The installation was commissioned by Norden Farm Centre for the Arts and was designed to be integrated into the building of the new art centre. October 2000

Group Shows

Static - a site-specific installation made for Incidents - a group show of multi-media installation work at Fabrica, Brighton. May 1996.

Oriel - a site-specific installation made for Short Life - a group exhibition at The Old Lead Works, Bristol. March 1997.

4 Rooms ­ an interactive installation created for Under Construction an exhibition demonstrating the creative power of artists using new technology. James France Building, Loughborough University. April 1998.

Selected Residencies & Workshops

October 2000 - June 2001: Year of the Artist residency at the Pathology Department of Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. The residency resulted in a final exhibition entitled Phiz. (see solo exhibitions and commissions for details).

October 2000 January 2002: Year of the Artist residency at IBM, Hursley. Over a fifteen month period we worked alongside the staff at the Innovation Department at IBM researching and developing a digital art work that explored concepts and experiences of the internet.

Selected Past Projects

  • April 1997 - took part in Interactive Laboratory at London Electronic Arts training programme in new technology focusing on multi media and interactive environments.
  • We have produced various proposals for permanently sited artworks that integrate into public spaces including two for Public Art Commissions Agency for sites in Wolverhampton and for the Gateways to the Millennium project in Hanley, Stoke on Trent.
  • Commissioned in 1998 by the Gallery of the Future at Loughborough University to research into interactive digital environments and systems.
  • We produced 4Rooms- an interactive environment in which a projected video image changed perspective in response to the viewer moving in front of it. The work was made as a model for a future project and produced in collaboration with a computer programmer and an electronic engineer based at Loughborough University.
  • In March 1999 we participated in a lighting and projection workshop for the c/PLEX building in West Bromwich. The aim was to bring people from different perspectives to form a discussion group to look at some of the needs and opportunities for the c/PLEX building.


Public Art - People, Projects, Process: Eileen Adams

Text 1/Text 2: Quarterlight publication.

The Digital Laboratory: LEA (CD ROM)

Out of Time: Hull Time Based Arts Publication.

Curved, Poured and Deep - New Art Commissions: Artpoint Trust

Contact details:

4 Kearsney Avenue, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 OSL

Telephone: (023) 9266 0120

E-mail: [email protected]