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Biography: Wendy Ramshaw

1972 Fellow of Chartered Society of Designers

1993 Officer of the Order of the British Empire - for services to art

1999 Honorary Fellow of the London Institute

1999 Royal Designer for Industry

Commissions 1990 - 2000

1993 - Gate to Fellows Garden, mild steel, glass and gold leaf. Door handles for lecture theatre complex in turned stainless steel. St John's College, Oxford.

1995 - 6 Murals in metal, polished brass and stainless steel with resin inlaid acrylic and glass detail. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

1996 - 'Double Screen EH9681', 3m x 4m, in mild steel with glass and mixed materials, cut from a single sheet by waterjet. Additional metal cut using laser and chemical milling. Victoria and Albert Museum.

1996 - 3 Murals and 2 standing sculptures. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

1997 - Large gallery door handle, brass with resin inlay and glass., Inverness.

1997 - 2000 - Street Furniture Art project. Stainless steel bollards and viewing tower with optical glass, large circular brass inlay into York Stone pavement. Eton High Street

1998 - Door handles in stainless steel and glass, 3 pairs of etched glass doors. City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

1999 - Circular staircase. White stove enamel on a series of mild steel panels, stairs with individual designs sandblasted onto glass. Private UK client.

1999 - 'Timepiece' Aluminium Mobile. Entrance of Reading Town Hall and Museum.

2000 - 2001 - Columbus Screen - a 15 m external screen in mild steel, coloured surface acrylic, stainless steel, glass, aluminium, gold leaf. Canary Wharf, London.

1999 Open day access key in stainless steel for collectors day. Sculpture at Goodwood.

1999 - 2000 - Commission for Millennium Medals. VVIP medal for the Queen in gold, nanocrystalline diamond coated steel, and zerodur, in an optical glass box with chemically etched stainless steel plates representing the architecture of the Millennium Dome. Medals for visiting dignitaries, heads of state, members of Royal families. Staff medals in stainless steel and steel with nanocrystalline diamond coating.